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What I'm Up To

Currently I am working as a Ruby on Rails developer at Planet Argon. Managing development, deployment, and stabilization of apps for various clients. Our projects range from Rails 2-4, the entire spectrum of Ruby versions, and a multitude of different Javascript tools and libraries. If you would like to reach out concerning business, or job opportunities, please contact me utilizing any of the methods above.


Completed the Summer 2013 Cohort for the Portland Code School, actively engaging in the PDX developer community and seeking employment in the industry.

"The Portland Code School is an intensive 12-week course focused on teaching the essential skills necessary to begin working as a junior programmer upon graduation. Our students are smart, creative, passionate, super-rad people who want to learn code and jump-start a career in web development."

Web Skills

  • HTML, CSS, JS, Forms
  • SQL, Databases, Relationships
  • Routing, Layout engines, ‪‪Sinatra and Rails
  • CSS3/HTML5 elements, AJAX, Bootstrap, Grid layouts, Typography
  • Deployment, AWS services, Asset compilation and compression
  • Various gems and libraries

Programming Skills

  • Ruby basics, data structures, rvm/rbenv, Git/Github
  • Creating gems, classes and objects, meta-programming, common ruby idioms, programming patterns
  • Blocks/closures, queues, project estimation, regexes, OOP, Data modeling, refactoring
  • Pull requests, agile methods

Patrick Mounts 2013